Four Fathers Brewing LLC



Four Fathers Brewing was formed by owners Jason and Beth Lacny.

The name Four Fathers was born from our love of our great country and in tribute to the four main ingredients in beer: water, hops, yeast, and malt. Jason began homebrewing in 2009 and after years of successful small batch recipes he and Beth dreamed of throwing their hats into the craft beer industry ring.

In early 2012 we became an LLC and started carefully planning and budgeting for our business. In April 2014 we were finally able to open our doors to the public and share our craft beer passion with everyone.

We pride ourselves on creating a constantly revolving list of unique beers to serve while supporting and honoring those who serve and allow us to live our dream. We thank everyone for their support and look forward to meeting new craft beer lovers who will become part of the Four Fathers journey. Cheers!