Four Fathers Brewing was formed by owners Jason and Beth Lacny.

Many people ask us what’s behind the name.. Are there 4 fathers? Is it an American historical reference? They are always surprised by our response. Our name is derived from what we like to call the ‘four fathers’ of beer: water, malt, hops, yeast. If you take that and couple it with our family’s rich military service and our love of country.. Well, it all just made sense and Four Fathers Brewing was born.

Four Fathers was founded as a home brewery by Jason Lacny in 2009. After a few years of developing his craft, he and his wife Beth chose to make it official and began the process of starting their business. In April 2014, Four Fathers opened their doors.

After 5 years, we expanded to a 5,000 square foot facility to increase our production and the capacity of our taproom. We continue to learn, grow, and look for more ways to serve our customers and community.

We pride ourselves on creating a constantly revolving list of unique beers, alongside traditional favorites, to serve you while supporting and honoring those who serve us. This ranges from sours to IPA’s, stouts to German beers, English styles, lagers, and much more. We are also the only brewery in Northwest Indiana that serves traditional cask ale with a weekly rotating offering.

We have a hard-working, dedicated, fun team that strives to bring you only the very best in beer and experiences. We truly live, breathe, and love what we do. Stop in and see why not all beers are created equal…